Our Team

Alexandra Doménech

Alexandra Doménech is VALMUN 2023's Secretary General. Currently a senior at the American School of Valencia, she began her MUN career in sixth grade, and since then has gone on to participate in a plethora of conferences. Model United Nations has played a vital role in both her personal and professional development, and thus has proved to be a defining aspect of her life. Having served as an admin, delegate, and chair, she is able to understand and sympathize with all aspects of the conference. She is eager to work for a fruitful, enriching and professional conference with the goal of broadening young minds and helping them experience the joys of belonging to the MUN community.

Mar Frechina 

Mar Frechina Margaix is the Deputy Secretary General responsible for Delegate Education and Coordination. She has been attending ASV since nursery and is currently a senior. She joined the MUN program by chance in 6th grade as an admin for VALMUN and had initially planned to continue as such. However, her first experience as a delegate in 7th grade left her wanting more. Since then she has attended a wide variety of conferences as an admin, delegate, and chair, both online and in person. Through these experiences, she broadened her understanding on geopolitics and global issues, visited new places, met people from all over the world, and improved her public speaking and problem-solving skills. That is why she is ecstatic to introduce new delegates to the MUN community along with guiding them to achieve their MUN goals. She is looking forward to the seeing the fresh perspectives and debates that will emerge in VALMUN 2023.

Jorge Blanquer 

Jorge Blanquer is the Deputy Secretary General responsible for Debate Coordination and Chair preparation.  He is currently a year 13 student (senior year in the American system) who has been doing MUN since year 7 (6th grade in the American system) and has participated in a plethora of MUN conferences which include several editions of  Nice MUN, VALMUN, BCNMUN and MADMUN. These experiences have enabled him to make many friends and greatly increase his speaking, research and debating abilities. Jorge was born and lives in Valencia, where he attends Cambridge House Community College. His interests in debate, geopolitics and sustainability have led him to enroll in several programs which include The European Youth Parliament, The SDG Youth Summit and, of course, Model United Nations. As Deputy Secretary General he is looking forward to seeing how delegates put forward and debate proposals regarding global issues of vital importance. 

Ms. Kiraly

Ms. Kiraly is currently directing the Model United Nations program, teaching IB Language and Literature, and coordinating the Extended Essay at the American School of Valencia. With 12 years of teaching experience, Ms. Kiraly believes that texts are powerful expressions of society; expressions that students can transact with to find deeper truths. When students are empowered to respond to their thoughts, they have the capability to develop their skills to better communicate in the global society. Ms. Kiraly also believes it is important for students to cultivate a passion for global citizenship, being aware of the world around them and recognizing the capabilities that they have to develop solutions and enact change.

Mr. Boyer

Mr. Marc Boyer is currently the Community Activities Coordinator at American School of Valencia. He also teaches IB Theory of Knowledge and is the CAS coordinator. As an MUN director Mr. Boyer believes in the power of communication and open dialogue with varying perspectives and points of view. Mr. Boyer encourages all students to be engaged and involved and to pay attention to real world issues.


Olivia García Villamil

Olivia García Villamil is the Head of Admin for Valmun 2023. Olivia is excited to see a new generation of MUNers evolve into globally conscious future leaders. As a senior she has had previous experience, and she hopes to facilitate and act as a mentor to those who are new to Model United Nations. She is looking forward to Valmun 2023 and hopes to create a fun and welcoming environment.  



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