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Topic 1

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Inés Leal

Inés Leal is the President Chair of the Environmental Committee for VALMUN 2023. She was born in Valencia and is currently a senior student in the American School of Valencia. Though having lived her whole life in Valencia, Inés has attended MUN conferences four times. She has participated in VALMUN, BCNMUN and THIMUN as delegate, and last year she chaired for the Environmental Committee in VALMUN. For Inés, MUN’s have been a crucial part of her developing social and public speaking skills. Thanks to these experiences, she was able to globalize her view on the world and obtain a greater understanding of the different perspectives surrounding current world-wide issues, she learned research skills and social skills. More on a personal level Inés was able to gain confidence publicly speaking and in herself. Through her process at MUN, she has encountered many challenges and has learned what it feels like to be a delegate struggling to speak up during the conferences. Therefore, through her role as President Chair, she hopes to encourage all of the delegates to speak up and make the most of this experience. She knows the nerves a delegate feels when they first have to walk to a podium to deliver a speech, so this year she hopes to be a helping hand for all. Inés is excited to see the delegates of the Environmental Committee fruitfully debate on the topics at hand, but mainly, she is excited to help delegates make the most of VALMUN 2023.  

Kaltra Doda

Kaltra Doda is a chair of the environmental committee, she is currently a sophomore at the American School of Valencia. She was born in new jersey and raised in New York and New Jersey. She started participating in MUN because her parents have worked for the UN for a while and wanted to experience it for herself. She has participated in MADMUN ( Madrid ). Her very first experience with MUN was difficult for her, she was new and had a controversial country, however, this experience taught her how to work under pressure, to become a quick thinker, to always be confident when speaking, how to be outgoing, and how to evaluate her peers. Kaltra believes that by being given the role of chair, she can provide delegates with the same experience she first had. She wishes for the best and utmost successful debate for all delegates for VALMUN 2023!

Manuela Fernández

Manuela Fernández is a chair of the Environmental Committee. She was born in Brazil and has been living in Spain for a year. She is a sophomore at the American School of Valencia. She has had the luck of experiencing different MUNs as an admin, delegate, and now a chair. She is excited and looking forward to being chair of the Environmental Committee. She hopes to create an environment where all voices are heard and respected, leading to an interesting debate.