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Demining Research Report - VALMUN 2023 - Disarmament.pdf

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Teegan Moran 

Teegan Moran is the president of the disarmament committee. He is currently a junior, attending his fifth year at American School of Valencia. Previously he lived in San Francisco, California, a place of innovation and modernity, yet he was first introduced to The Model United Nations program when living in Spain. He was instantly hooked on the debate, the public speeching, and the butterflies approaching the podium. Since then, he has participated in many conferences, such as but not limited to (MUN joke); VALMUN, SMUN, BCNMUN, MADMUN, THIMUN. These conferences have made Teegan the debater that he is today, they have given him the public speeching skills necessary to thrive while speaking to large scale audiences, but most importantly, they have given him the social skills which have allowed him to form meaningful relationships with people that he has met along his MUN journey. Teegan’s philosophy about MUN is simple, a very limited amount of delegates who participate in MUN will actually work for The United Nations in the future, that being said, he believes that a conference should allow delegates to practice their public speaking withing fear, and socialize without anxiety, this way delegates will aquire life long skills embeded in their character, that will live long after their time with MUN has elapsed. Teegan believes that, as the president of the disarmament committee, it is his responsibility to make it a safe space where these skills can be practiced, and fluid debate can occur. 

Patryck Mcglynn

Patryk Micheal McGlynn is a chair of the Disarmament Committee of this year's 2023 Valmun. He is a junior at the American School of Valencia. Patryk was born in Seattle, Washington, but has lived in Krakow, Barcelona, and now Valencia. Although this is Patryk’s second year participating in MUN, he has been in Barcelona (BCNMUN) and The Hague (THIMUN) for Model United Nations conferences. VALMUN 2023 is Patryk’s first time being a chair, and he's very excited to chair Disarmament in this year's VALMUN. Patryk McGlynn has had lots of fun at other MUN conferences and has developed many skills, such as global awareness, leadership, and confidence. Since his first MUN conference in Barcelona, he  has always wanted to become a chair. Patryk is honored to be one of the chairs for Disarmament this year and is eager to help you with VALMUN and make it an unforgettable experience.

Noa Sánchez

Noa Sánchez is a chair of the disarmament committee. She is currently a sophomore at the American School of Valencia. Although she was born in Valencia, she comes from a Venezuelan family. She has participated in a total of 7 conferences since 6th grade. Throughout this time, Noa has lived these experiences from different perspectives such as admin or delegate, yet she is honored to participate in VALMUN 2023 as a chair. Noa believes that all students can immensely benefit from this experience, as it hones many skills such as public speaking or leadership, and helps promote global awareness. Ever since Noa’s first conference, MUN has offered her a new outlook on our world as well as unforgettable experiences, which is why she hopes for a fruitful and fun debate in the disarmament committee. 

Irene Morillas

Irene Morillas Flores serves as one of the chairs for the Disarmament committee at VALMUN '23. Born in Valencia, Irene has been attending the American School of Valencia from a young age. Currently a junior, she had an enriching experience during her 10th-grade year when she studied abroad in Canada as an exchange student. Irene's journey in the world of Model United Nations began in 6th grade when she attended her first conference. Since then, she has actively participated in various MUN conferences as both a delegate and an admin, thoroughly enjoying her engagements in these roles. However, eager to take her involvement to the next level, Irene is excited about her new role as a chair. Through her past experiences, Irene has realized the immense potential MUN holds in fostering personal growth and learning. As a chair, she looks forward to motivating and encouraging delegates to give their best and gain valuable insights from the experience. For Irene, the key to a fruitful and enriching debate lies in the collective efforts of all participants, wherein everyone contributes to the growth and improvement of the committee's proceedings.