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Topic 1

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Topic 2

María Nabas 

María Nabás is the President Chair of the Economic and Social Council. She was born in Valencia, Spain, and moved away when she was 7 to live abroad. She moved back home two years ago, where she is now a senior at the American School of Valencia. She has participated in a variety of MUN conferences, such as BCNMUN and THIMUN, and she has previously chaired in 2022’s ECOSOC VALMUN. MUN has helped María gain more confidence in her public speaking and debating skills, while simultaneously educating her on geopolitical issues and parliamentary procedures. María also values VALMUN for the molding experience it has the potential to be, as it can introduce delegates to areas of interest that can later turn into an aspiration or even a career, and hopes to make ECOSOC a mind-opening place for all delegates. María hopes to create a safe and enjoyable environment for the VALMUN delegates, where they will feel comfortable learning, sharing their ideas, and most importantly having fun doing so. 

Carla Fabra

Carla Fabra Oña is one of the chairs of ECOSOC. She is currently a sophomore in the American school of Valencia. She started Model UN conferences in 6th grade and has taken the role of a delegate in all conferences that she participated in. After all this Model UN Carla realized that she didn’t only enjoy debating global issues, she also loves the experience of meeting new people and working with them to find solutions for all those world wide problems. Model UN has provided Carla with skills such as public speaking, confidence, debating skills and networking strategies. Since Carla started Model UN she always wanted to become a chair, and wanted to help all of those delegates in a committee have a great debate, and encourage all of them to participate. She is excited to take part of VALMUN as a chair, and looks forward to help all of those delegates in ECOSOC.

Teodora Crucianu

Sara Teodora Crucianu is, as of now, enrolled as a senior at the American School of Valencia. She was born in Vaslui, Romania, and has spent most of her life there, up until taking a big leap of hope and moving alone to Valencia. In eighth grade, she began attending the debate club of her school. Teodora enjoys getting involved in MUN conferences for many aspects such as debate and the opportunities it provides a person on a socio-cultural level. She has been able to take on the role of chair in light of her desire to help and open perspectives to others as well as her liking leadership positions. As such, in Teodora’s time as a chair she wishes to encourage and make sure all students attending feel comfortable and make use of the conference as a space for personal growth while also having fun.  She looks forward to being part of VALMUN as a chair and wishes all delegates an entertaining and engaging experience!

Clara Galindez