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Ismael Segura 

Ismael Segura Serrano is the president of the political committee. He is currently a junior in the American School of Valencia. He was born in Valencia, Spain and has lived his entire life in Valencia. He started participating in MUN conferences in 6th grade. Throughout his Model UN experience, Ismael has attended a total of seven conferences around Spain, including Madrid (MADMUN) and Valencia (VALMUN). He has had the privilege to experience Model UN from contrasting perspectives, as he has taken on the role of admin, delegate, and chair. Ismael loves Model UN because of the effort students have to make to solve current global issues that face our society. Model UN has resulted to be essential in his life as it has improved drastically his speaking, research and vocabulary skills. He wants to be a chair because he wants to focus on the organization of the conference, making it the best possible outcome for the delegates and admins. He looks forward to attending the conference as a President of the Committee and is excited to see how the delegates develop and improve along the conference. 

Mirriam Liashenko

Mirriam Liashenko is a chair in the Political Committee. She was born in Ukraine but has lived most of her life in Valencia, Spain. She is a sophomore student and attending her seventh year in the American School of Valencia. Mirriam started participating in MUN conferences in 8th grade for her college resume and shortly after fell in love with them. Attending a total of 5 MUN conferences, including VALMUN, MADMUN and BCNMUN has proved to be esencial in her life. Mirriam has learned many skills such as: research skills, public speaking and debating skills, it helped her be aware of her surroundings, and better understand the current political and economic state of the world. MUN conferences have given Mirriam her most treasured memories and allowed her to meet many great friends. Mirriam is honored to be part of the Valmun 2023 conference and hopes for all delegates to make the most out of this experience and have an incredible time. She looks forward to fun and productive debates in the political committee.

Andrea Linares

Andrea Linares is one of the chairs of the Political committee. Andrea has been participating in MUN since 6th grade as an admin. In 7th grade Andrea kept participating in MUN but as a delegate. Since then, she’s participated in every MUN conference she can. Throughout her MUN experience, Andrea has improved her public speaking, problem-solving, and leadership skills, and she is looking forward to improving in every area she can. What she loves most about MUN is not only the chance to interact with people all around the world but also this unique opportunity that promotes global awareness, cultural exchange, and personal growth since it also helps the delegates to develop self-confidence by pushing them out of their comfort zone. Andrea hopes that as a chair she can make the delegates feel enthusiastic and comfortable during the debates. She hopes that everyone participating has a great experience as she has always had in the Model UN conferences.