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Topic 1

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Topic 2

Grisha Korchazhkin

Grigorii Korchazhkin is the president of the UNODC committee. He was born in Russia, but has lived in Valencia for the last 10 years. Grigorii is currently a senior at the American School of Valencia and has been participating in Model UN conferences since the 8th grade. He has attended six conferences in total, which include VALMUN (Valencia), BCNMUN (Barcelona), and THIMUN (The Hague).  His ultimate goal for VALMUN 2023 is to ensure that every delegate experiences the joys of being part of the MUN community, fostering an enduring sense of camaraderie and belonging.

Nicolás Navarro 

Nicolas is a chair of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Nicolas' journey into the realm of Model United Nations began five years ago, igniting a spark that continues to burn brightly. Unwavering in his commitment to the MUN community, he envisions an enduring future as a participant, eager to contribute his voice and ideas to this captivating platform. Science and art have become two of Nicolas' most cherished passions, as he delves into the mysteries of the natural world while expressing his unique perspective through artistic endeavors.  For Nicolas, Model United Nations has not only been an intellectual pursuit but a transformative force that has shaped him both personally and professionally. It has instilled in him a sense of responsibility, cooperation, and diplomacy. Nicolas' vision for VALMUN 2023 is to create an environment where young minds can thrive, where debates transform into meaningful dialogues, and where lasting friendships blossom. 

Marta Ferrer 

Marta Ferrer Sánchez-Barcaiztegui is a chair of the UNODC committee. She is currently a sophomore student in the American School of Valencia. She was born in Valencia, Spain and has lived in Valencia her whole life. She started participating in Model UN conferences in 7th grade. Throughout her Model UN experience, Marta has attended a total of five conferences, including conferences in Valencia (VALMUN), Madrid (MADMUN) and Barcelona (BCNMUN). Marta believes that MUN promotes a sense of global awareness and is a mind opening experience for delegates and chairs to learn about global issues. She is honored to form part of the VALMUN 2023 conference, and looks forward to what she hopes will be a fun yet productive debate in the UNODC committee.