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Topic 1

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Topic 2

Leo Bonet Wang 

Leo Bonet is the president of the Security Council. He is currently in the 11th grade in the American school of Valencia. He was born in China and has lived in China, Thailand and Spain. He started participating in MUN conferences in 6th grade. Throughout Leo’s MUN experiences, he has attended 9 total conferences, including THIMUN(the Hague MUN), VALMUN(Valencia MUN), BCMUN(Barcelona MUN), SMUN(Singularity MUM), etc. Model UN has been a fun experience on most occasions, especially with friends. He likes to play basketball and video games in his free time. He is honored to be the president of the Security Council, and hopes that everybody has a fun time in VALMUN.

María Tormos 

María Tormos is a chair of the security council. She is currently a senior student in the American School of Valencia.  She was born and raised in Valencia. She has been participating in MUN conferences since 7th grade. Maria has participated in 6 different MUN experiences around europe. María believes that the Model United Nations program is an enriching experience that can provide knowledge for the future of the delegates , as it promotes global awareness, encourages speaking in public and the delegates acquire important debating skills, as well as it promotes a passion for leadership. She hopes to help others to have the same experience she had in her conferences. She is honored to form part of the VALMUN 2023 conference, and hopes that there will be both a productive and fun debate in the committee . 

Jaime Cambra 

Jaime Cambra Costa is one of the chairs at the Security Council at VALMUN 2023. He was born in Valencia in the and has lived ever since in Spain. He started attending the American School of Valencia from Pre-Kinder 2 and he started participating in MUN conferences when given the chance in the sixth grade. He has participated in a total of 7 different conferences and strongly believes that VALMUN provides a very important base for creating innovative, globally responsible and open-minded future diplomats. MUN conferences have given him a better understanding of global issues and has helped him improve his public speaking, research and debating skills. Apart from this, he has made new friends and new contacts with different colleagues which adds a social background to the MUN conferences. Jaime believes that this is one of the most important parts of this experience. Throughout his experiences he has gotten better as a delegate and is now looking forward to continuing. to chair in this committee. As a chair, he has not had many experiences but has enjoyed them and wants to keep on learning. Therefore, he looks forward to the 2023 conference.