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Héctor Ferrando

Héctor Ferrando is the current Deputy Secretary General, in charge of the delegate’s education sector. 5 years ago, he started VALMUN, and has learned a lot from the 12 total conferences he participated in. He loves sports, and thanks to this, he has found a major flaw in all conferences. For you to perform well in a football match (for example), the match has to amuse you, you need to have a degree of excitement, of competition, of fear even. In a similar manner, nobody can expect a student to perform well and have fun in a boring and plain event. His goal, therefore, while sounding contradicting, is to find the perfect balance in order to make this MUN experience the most enjoyable and entertaining, alongside educational and formal. Because for someone to learn, he must enjoy the subject. And this is what Héctor tries to do for VALMUN 2022.

Marc Vizcarra

Marc Vizcarra Cambrils is the Deputy Secretary General responsible for Debate Coordination and Chair preparation. Marc has studied at the American School of Valencia for over 15 years, accumulating over 17 MUN related experiences. As of today he is a senior at the school. Model United Nations has helped as a project to create awareness for international relations and diplomacy. That played an undeniable role in his enrichment as an individual and as a globally conscious member of society. He is eager to work for a fruitful, enriching and professional conference for young minds to open up to the world, and cannot wait to enjoy his last VALMUN.

Ismael Minuesa

Ismael Minuesa is the Director of Communications and Logistics for VALMUN 2022. The Director of Communications and Logistics is in charge of communication with delegates and other schools, organizing and designing the conference, delegate and chair preparation, logistics and the official website. Ismael is a senior at the American School of Valencia, where he has studied for over 9 years and actively integrated himself into the MUN program since 7th grade. As of today, he has participated in 17 MUN conferences, either as a delegate or student officer, showing his passion for debating and coming up with complex solutions for current world issues. Ismael firmly believes that everyone should engage in any type of activity that encourages individuals to become globally conscious and aware of the issues that influence the world they live in.

Danila Kozlov

Danila Kozlov is the Secretary-General for VALMUN 2022. Danila is a senior at the American School of Valencia, where he studied for almost 5 years now. The Secretary-General leads the executive committee to make the conference a reality. His belief that every voice matters is woven through all of his experiences in academia and outside the classroom. Danila’s extracurriculars and passions mainly revolved around global leadership and cooperation. With more than 9 unforgettable MUN conferences and other international projects, he is both honored and delighted to take on the responsibility to empower and grow with his generation of future global leaders and citizens.

Ms. Kiraly

Ms. Kiraly is currently directing the Model United Nations program, teaching IB Language and Literature, and coordinating the Extended Essay at the American School of Valencia. With 12 years of teaching experience, Ms. Kiraly believes that texts are powerful expressions of society; expressions that students can transact with to find deeper truths. When students are empowered to respond to their thoughts, they have the capability to develop their skills to better communicate in the global society. Ms. Kiraly also believes it is important for students to cultivate a passion for global citizenship, being aware of the world around them and recognizing the capabilities that they have to develop solutions and enact change.

Mr. Boyer

Mr. Marc Boyer is currently the Community Activities Coordinator at American School of Valencia. He also teaches IB Theory of Knowledge and is the CAS coordinator. As an MUN director Mr. Boyer believes in the power of communication and open dialogue with varying perspectives and points of view. Mr. Boyer encourages all students to be engaged and involved and to pay attention to real world issues.


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All schools attending the conference will get by bus to the conference

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