2018 Conference

Main Theme

Achieving a stable and modern internationally society by peacefully solving menacing crisis which are tied to political, economical, social, and military issues

Five commissions will work around these topics:

UN Security Council

  1. Ending the influence of terrorism in Libya.
  2. Resolving the situation in Syria.
  3. The threat posed to denuclearization by the infringement of the Iran nuclear deal.

Disarmament Commission

  1. Combating the growing threat of cyber warfare.
  2. Measures into combating transnational criminal organizations.
  3. Measures to eradicate the production, stockpilling, and use of all forms of chemical weapons in Syria.

Environmental Commission

  1. Preventing and reducing air pollution to improve air quality globally.
  2. Increasing the use of renewable energies in off-grid settlements.
  3. Changing consumer lifestyle to reduce reliance on plastic, and decrease its detrimental effect on the ocean.

ECOSOC (Economic and Society Commission)

  1. Preventing the ultra nationalism of MEDC's due to the effect of illegal immigration on the countries' economy.
  2. Ending income inequality between genders and social classes.
  3. Ending the Third World debt to help reduce poverty in those in-debt nations.

Human Rights Commission

  1. Ensuring education of young refugees in Europe.
  2. Protecting individual rights to privacy in the digital age.
  3. Ending discrimination of the LGBT community.

Participant Schools

American School of Madrid

American School of Paris

American School of Valencia

Cambridge House Community College

Community School of Naples

International School of Luxembourg

Izmir SEV School

Marymount International School


Friday, November 16, 2018 

17:00 - Arrival at ASV

17:15 - Materials Distributed

17:30 - Opening speeches and lobbying

20:00 - Dinner

20:30 - Departure. Bus back to Valencia for delegation

Saturday, November 17, 2018

09:15 - Arrival at ASV

09:30 - Opening Ceremony

10:30 - Committees in Session

12:00 - Break / Snack

12:30 - Committees in Session

13:45 - Park time for Security Council, Disarmament Committee, and EcoSoc Committee.

14:15 - Lunch time for Security Council, Disarmament Committee, and EcoSoc Committee.

14:45 - Committees in Session

17:00 - End of Committees

17:05 - Organize activity options. Time to change clothes

17:45 - Sports and Park Time. ASV Store Open

19:00 - Time to change for dinner and dance

19:30 - Dinner

20:00 - Dance Party

21:30 - Departure. Bus back to Valencia for delegations

Sunday, November 18, 2018

09:45 - Arrival at United Nations Global Services Centre in Quart de Poblet. Group photos at the entrance

10:15 - UN Welcome to Delegations

10:30 - Photo sessions on the UN GSC Grounds

10:45 - Snacks

11:15 - General Assembly

13:30 - Closing Ceremony

14:30 - Lunch

15:00 - Departure for all delegations.